About Us
Rivers Edge Cattle Company (RECC) is a family ranching operation founded by Seth and Courtney Terrell along with our daughters Oakley and Landrey. Along with RECC, we own and operate The Daily Grind coffee shop on downtown Main Street of Chadron, NE.

RECC was officially founded in 2014, but has been growing long before then. Having both been raised on family farming/ranching operations, we have been working to this point for years. Our operation is centered south of Hay Springs, overlooking the Niobrara River, and stretches into the Nebraska Sandhills. RECC has several components including a cow/calf program bred to produce quality bulls and replacement females, a backgrounding feedlot (including custom developed cattle), a heifer development program, and a small farming operation.

We raise Registered Angus and commercial SimAngus cattle. We calve our cows April/May and summer on native Sandhills grass. The cows graze cornstalks and raised forages as much as possible throughout the year. Our cows typically weigh 1150-1300 pounds. We synchronize and AI every breeding age female every year throughout the second half of June. Our registered Angus herd is focused around creating great females. We focus on calving ease, mothering ability, fertility, and the ability to thrive on grass. We added Simmental genetics to the herd 9 years ago to add heterosis, growth, and muscle. We have been diligent to source genetics that work for the commercial cattlemen. We don’t get caught up in fads, bull-of-the-month clubs, or show cattle.  

We are blessed with operating in a neighborhood with irrigated crop resources. We have access to crops for hay and grazing, especially an abundance of corn stalks. Our farming operation grows winter rye, oats, millet, and other forage cocktails for grazing and/or feed. Our backgrounding feedlot sources area corn for grain and silage, as well as both dry and wet distiller’s products. Our veterinary service is provided through Dr. Steve Willnerd, DVM out of Rushville. Our nutritional and mineral program is developed with the consultation of Jeremy Martin, Ph.D. of Great Plains Livestock Consulting.

Seth, Courtney, Oakley & LandreyTerrell