Welcome to Rivers Edge Cattle Co.

Real World Cattle
Our cattle are bred, developed, and built for the commercial cattlemen. We run our program to mimic the producers we work for. Our cowherd is bred to perform in a forage-based system, relying heavily on native grass, crop residues, and annual forages. We typically feed harvested forage to the cowherd for less than 45 days in early spring. The cows are expected to go work for themselves the remainder of the year. Beyond the cowherd, our bull and heifer development program is centered around forage heavy rations to ensure optimum growth meant to maximize their reproductive abilities.

Economically Relevant
Bucking the current trend of pursuing ever increasing performance, milk, and carcass numbers, we pursue optimum levels of all these traits. We realize that these traits, if pushed beyond levels that the environment can sustain, can become a hindrance to profit versus being the path there. We expect our fePictures of Heifersmales to calve with ease, as well as possess excellent mothering ability, udder quality, fertility, and disposition. These are traits that are extremely important to us. We strive for cattle that display muscle, length, and depth of body on sound feet and legs. We expect our cattle to have strong performance ability in the feedlot and to be the kind that keep packers coming back.

Correctly Developed
Proper development is key to the success of the reproductive potential of every bull and heifer. We know that pushing growth to too high of levels has several negative effects (fertility, libido, structure, body condition). Just like our cowherd, we graze any chance that forage is available. Our bulls are weaned and grown to gain 2-2.5 lbs. per head per day through the entirety of their development on little or no starch. Maintaining moderate, consistent growth ensures the bulls’ feet and legs, fertility, and libido. As with all our cattle, a quiet disposition is very important. Our heifers are developed with cost kept in check. We aim for our heifers to reach 55-60% of mature weight at the time of their first AI service. Using these methods, we place pressure on our females to be early maturing as well as excelling in forage-based environments.

Customer Service
We know that as a seedstock producer, our success is dependent on the customers we serve. We stand behind our cattle 100%. We expect our cattle to be trouble and problem free. We don’t put up with feet and udder issues, disposition problems, and cattle that don’t hold up in tough environments. Through our growing network, we will help our customers in any way we can, including marketing feeder cattle and any class of females.